Sunday, December 28, 2008

Artic Blast

White Christmas
My front yard tree all frozen.

This was the most snow we have ever seen in Oregon
in the thirty years we have lived here!

And it just kept coming!!

Look close this icicle comes off the roof and is frozen
all the way to the ground.

The Video below shows the inch of Ice we got between snow storms. We got another foot of snow on top of this ice layer.

These were the worst driving conditions we have ever seen! Gail and I grew up in Utah and we are used to driving in snow. But Utah uses snow plows and they are ready for this much snow. Oregon does not have snow plows and our roads were extremely dangerous. Some people did not go out for almost two weeks. Gail had to be picked up for work up by a guy at his work, who had chains and a big truck. This good man took Gail to get some chains for our car. We still could not get out of our neighborhood even with chains, because the snow was deeper than our wheels. We had to wait a few days untill more huge four wheelers with chains drove on our road. We finally could get out with our chains and we took a neighbor that lived up the hill from us to the store. She still could not get out of her street and needed food. I AM SO GLAD THIS HAS ALL MELTED! And it was only today Dec.28 that it was all gone off the roads. Thank goodness it has rained the last two days- that really helped to get rid of it!

December Birthdays

December Birthdays

Emily turned 12! I can not believe she is now in Young Womens.

Emily had some friends over to my house to celebrate her birtday.
They played all kinds of interesting games in my basement.

Averi J Shoell turned 6 years old Dec.15. I don't have pictures but you can go to Keli's blog to see her cute Hawaiian Birthday
Naomi turned 4! WHAT A DOLL!
Look at that smile

Keaton turned 2.
He has a new method for blowing out candles.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

2008 Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving!

Video - Averi helping with the table setting

Carter is checking the table settings out.
Averi's turkey tails napkins looked great!

Keli, Jenae and Whitney resting after eating plenty!

Dinner was great but bring on the desserts and pumkin pie!

Tyler Averi and Carter are excited for all the pies and desserts to be cut and served.

Julie Barnes and her husband Mike spend Thanksgiving with us every year. It was my turn to have in at my house this year. Next year we will go to their home. We started having Thanksgiving together over 25 years ago. Our families have grown so much that one year we had to feed our on families and then just get everyone together for games and desserts. This year she only had one son and daughter in law and we only had three of our children's families, so we could all get together at my house. Our son Chad and his family were in Florida having Thanksgiving dinner with Julie's son Adam and his family. So another generation of Hardinger and Barnes are getting together for Thanksgiving. Jenae says it never feels like Thanksgiving unless we get together with the Barnes.

Courtney and Keaton playing in the playroom It is just the right size and they love it!

Dan, Jenae, Whitney, Aubrey and Courtney

On Saturday night Jenae's family and I went to see the Portland Oregon Zoo lights. It was a warm evening and we really enjoyed the lights!
I love Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008